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Schlüter® Troba-Line-TL Stainless Steel V2A B=160mm Length=1Mtrs

Product Code: TL-V2A-160-100

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Schlüter®-TROBA-LINE-TL is a stainless steel drainage channel that can be placed at low levels to doorsills or wall connections on balconies and terraces to prevent water accumulation. This can also be used as an area drainage channel.
Note: Two end covers/connectors are supplied with each Schlüter®-TROBA-LINE-TL drainage channel.

3 Widths are available (B on the cross-section)) - 75mm, 110mm and 160mm (110mm and 160mm should be used in conjunction with the Troba-Line reinforcement TL/V for higher traffic loads such as wheelchairs or constant foot traffic) - You also have the option of perforated or closed bottom channel.

Waterproofing assemblies on balconies and terraces frequently lack sufficient height to connect smoothly to fixed building parts, door elements or walls.
According to DIN 18 195, Part 5, 7.1.6, waterproofing layers must overlap the upper edge of the covering by 15 cm. The same DIN standard requires door connections to have thresholds with a height of 15 cm. However, this requirement may be waived in accordance with building directives for flat roofs if suitable measures are in place to ensure drainage. The installation of Schlüter®-TROBA-LINE guarantees drainage even with low connection heights. The system also allows for special constructions with stepless transitions.
Schlüter®-TROBA-LINE-TL consists of a perforated, U-shaped lower section and a perforated, U-shaped upper section. It is installed over the area drainage systems Schlüter®-TROBA or Schlüter®-TROBA-PLUS.
Schlüter®-TROBA-LINE-TLR is a variation with an upper drainage screen of galvanized steel, which is inserted into the U-shaped lower section of stainless steel. The water drains through the openings of the channel to the waterproofing layer, where it runs off in the area drainage between the waterproofing layer and the surface covering toward the drainage exit. This prevents the accumulation of water in the door area or in all places with low connecting heights.
Schlüter®-TROBA-LINE-TLG is a variation with a closed lower section, which is used to drain water to a lateral exit point.

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