Kelmore One Coat DPM Fast Damp Proof Membrane (See Options)

Kelmore One Coat DPM Fast Damp Proof Membrane (See Options)

Ardex MVS 95 Moisture Vapour Suppressant 12kg


Protects the final floorcovering from residual construction moisture

  • Fast drying
  • Re-coat 30-60 min
  • Apply levelling compound in as little as 2 hours
  • Use on subfloors up to 95%RH
  • Suitable for heated screeds 
  • Ready to use
  • Water based
  • Low VOC technology
  • Colour: Blue
  • Coverage: 27-36m2
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ARDEX MVS 95 is designed to suppress residual construction moisture in cementitious substrates including suitably prepared power floated concrete and cement/sand screeds.
ARDEX MVS 95 is designed for use as a two coat system.
When fully dry, two coats of ARDEX MVS 95 produces a membrane which can accommodate hygrometer readings up to 95% RH, and allows the subsequent application of ARDEX Levelling and Smoothing Compounds without priming.
Apply an even coat with a suitable short pile roller in one direction over the appropriate area.
Depending on the film thickness applied, and the porosity/absorbency of the subfloor and the ambient conditions, ARDEX MVS 95 may be dry in as little as 30 minutes at 20°C.
These times may be extended at lower temperatures and/or in high humidity conditions.
When the first coat is touch dry, apply the second coat at right angles to the first.
It is essential that the applied ARDEX MVS 95 is a continuous film and is free from pinholes, cavities or thin patches, otherwise additional applications may be necessary.

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