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Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Flex 2-12mm Flexible Grout (Select Colour) 5kg

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Mapei Flexible Wall and Floor Grout - Ash Grey 2.5KG

Flexcolor Ready Mixed Flexible Grout 5kg (Select Colour)

Ready-to-use flexible, fibre reinforced grout.

waterrepellent DropEffect® and mould-resistant BioBlock® technology

For grouting joints from 2 to 10 mm in ceramic and porcelain tiles

For Interior wall and floor tiles

Size: 5kg

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Ready-to-use polymer modified, fibre reinforced grouting paste with waterrepellent DropEffect® and mould-resistant BioBlock® technology, for grouting joints from 2 to 10 mm in ceramic and porcelain tiles.

WHERE TO USE Flexcolor is used for grouting in the majority of tiles and mosaics on interior floors and walls. Some application examples Grouting ceramic and porcelain tiles.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Flexcolor is an acrylic resin-based grouting mortar dispersed in water, with a mineral filler and admixtures. Flexcolor is a ready-to-use paste, and its consistency makes it easy to apply.

Flexcolor sets through the evaporation of its water content, becomes flexible with a high bond strength which is resistant to vibration and the deformation of building materials. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for exterior façades and flexible substrates (e.g. partition walls and timber substrates).

Flexcolor may be used to grout joints from 2 mm to 10 mm wide.

Flexcolor is easy to apply, remove and clean from the surface of tiles. Once dry, it has a uniform colour, a smooth finish and is resistant to water and the formation of mould, thanks to BioBlock® technology. Bioblock® technology consists of special organic molecules which are distributed uniformly in the micro-structure of the tile joint, to block the formation of micro-organisms at the root causing alterations due to mould. DropEffect® technology, with a synergic effect, makes the tile joints water-repellent and reduces the absorption of surface water.

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