Keracolor FF DE Alu-Pak 5kg  (Select Colour)

Keracolor FF DE Alu-Pak 5kg (Select Colour)

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0-5mm Flexible Grout (Select Colour) 5kg

Flexible high-performance grouting, from 0 to 5 mm, with extra-fine finish, high degree of hardness and reduced water absorption. Materials to be grouted: - porcelain tiles, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, cotto, glass and ceramic mosaic, of all types and formats - natural stone, recomposed materials, marble Internal and external flooring and walls, in domestic, commercial and industrial applications and street furniture, in environments subject to heavy traffic, swimming pools, baths and fountains, also in areas subject to thermal shock and freezing.

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Kerakoll Fugabella® Eco Porcelana 0-5 Eco Friendly Mineral Grout

Certified, eco-friendly, flexible, naturally bacteriostatic and fungistatic, stabilized mineral grout containing pure natural NHL 5 lime for extremely colour-fast joints from 0 mm to 5 mm in thickness, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Singlecomponent with very low volatile organic compound emissions, contains recycled raw materials. Recyclable as an inert material at the end of its life. Fugabella® Eco Porcelana 0-5 develops an extra-fine, micro grain finish with scratchproof surface hardness which enhances the reflected light effect ensuring it blends seamlessly with the design of ceramic tiles, glass mosaic and natural stone.

• Floors and walls, for internal and external use

• Water-repellent and low absorption

• High CATAS-tested colour fastness

• Colour uniformity

• Three collections of 28 colours: Classic, Design and Colors

• Ideal for decorating corrected slab

• Suitable for porcelain tiles, ceramics, low thickness slabs and natural stone

• Easy to clean and maintain

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