Yes... we have a showroom!

Our showroom, (No appointment required) displays an extensive range of tile designs and materials. We also have designers on hand Mon-Sat to provide free design support for your project. Alongside our extensive tiling knowledge, we're pretty sure our team can cover all your tiling needs.

Understanding your tile options.

Please click on the below options for more details on tile material options and their applicational use within your project...

The perfect option for residential and commercial properties alike. More durable than a ceramic tile, suitable for wall and floor applications and compatible with underfloor heating. Anti slip options are also available, making it an ideal option for wetrooms.

The lighter tile option, a splendid choice for wall tiling. With many size and colour options, the ceramic tile will really bring the space to life!.

Beauty at it’s finest. Quarried from the earth, no two tiles are ever the same. It is a hard and dense material that will stand the test of time, suitable for both wall and floor applications. Natural stone must be sealed to maintain its’ elegance, but don’t worry, it’s very easy to do and we can provide the sealers too.

A choice to stand out from the crowd. With a huge selection of colours, sizes and shapes available. From simple squares to irregular patterns. A Natural Stone pebble mosaic for the sophisticated look, or a Glass Geometric mosaic for a colourful Moroccan look, you will find something to add style to the space! Normally presented on a mesh backed sheet for quicker installation.

How big is too big? A real statement piece. Open the room up with large format Porcelain tiles, less grout joints, more WOW factor.

Transform your outdoor space! Strong and hard wearing, creating a luxury outdoor space to relax and host in. Normally imitates the Natural Stone and Poured Cement effect, although patterns are also available.

Dive into a huge selection of swimming pool mosaics in a vary varied selection of colours. Durable, beautiful, versatile and low maintenance. Unique and eye-catching designs sure to make a splash!

Terracotta is one of the oldest designs of clay ceramic tiles. Translated from Italian ‘terracotta’ means ‘baked earth’. These tiles are porous with a red colouring. Although they can be left in their natural state, Terracotta tiles are usually resealed periodically to prevent against staining.

Many colours, sizes and geometric shapes make up this type of tiling, all of which are used to create a striking and effective pattern straight from the Victorian era. More commonly used on pathways, entrances and fireplaces.

Made by hand, one at a time. These are cured at room temperature and not fired, like porcelain and ceramic options. A variety of colours and designs to choose from. The coloured layer on top of the tile is usually porous, so these will require sealing. But we’ve got you covered there!

Can be used internally and externally. These are used to replicate the appearance of clay facing brick walls. Brick Slips are about a quarter of the weight of traditional bricks and are a popular choice for internal walls and fireplaces. A quick and easy installation. Slips, Corners, Headers and Stretcher Reveals are all available.

An easy to install click locking system without the need for adhesives! Considered a floating floor this is a quick and comfortable choice, with additional protective wear layers making it more durable against the Sun, spills and scratches. A built in underlay is also included in each plank, making it warm and cosy underfoot. Wooden and Natural Stone effects available.

These super thin planks are flexible and practical and offer excellent value for money. Easy to install. These will need to be adhered using vinyl adhesive. Yes, we have that too!

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We are based in East kent, a short trip from London and have recently celebrated over 50 years of working within the tiling industry. Our team stands ready to support you to complete your quality project on time and at a cost you can afford!

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