Mapeband PE120 External Angles (1 Unit)

Mapeband PE120 External Angles (1 Unit)

Mapeband Pipe Gasket 118X118 mm

Mapeband Pipe Gasket 120X120 mm

Mapeband PE120 Internal Angles (1 Unit)

Mapeband PE120 Internal Corner piece
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PVC Internal Corner piece for waterproofing systems made from liquid membranes.

WHERE TO USE • Waterproofing corners between adjacent walls and between walls and floors to be treated with Mapegum WPS. • Sealing pipe-work and drains in bathrooms, showers and kitchens with special Mapeband PE 120 seals.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Mapeband PE 120 is made from polyester mesh and PVC fabric which is impermeable to water and vapour. Mapeband PE 120 is elastic and deformable. Mapeband PE 120 is also supplied in special shapes for use on internal and external of corners, and as seals for pipe-work in bathrooms, kitchens, showers etc. and drains.

RECOMMENDATIONS • To get a perfect seal in corners, use the special pre-shaped Mapeband PE 120 pieces. • To get a perfect seal around pipe-work, use the special Mapeband PE 120 seals.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE Apply a thin layer at least 1 mm thick of Mapegum WPS to the sides of the corners and expansion joints to be waterproofed with Mapeband PE 120. ,Embed the mesh part of Mapeband PE 120 tape or special shaped pieces (angle pieces and seals) in the layer of Mapegum WPS while it is still fresh with a smooth trowel. Mapegum WPS must also come into contact with at least a few mm of the PVC part of Mapeband PE 120.

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