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Mapecoat I 600 W Kit 5.9kg

Two-component transparent epoxy primer in water dispersion

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Mapecoat I 600 W is specifically formulated as a primer for Mapefloor I 500 W when used to form self-levelling, vapour-permeable epoxy coatings (Mapefloor System 53).

Best Uses

Mapecoat I 600 W is a two-component, FeRFA Type 1 - Floor Seal that is opaque in colour. Mapecoat I 600 W is an epoxy resin based finish specially formulated to form a shiny, protective anti-dust and anti-oil film, which is applied directly onto concrete or cementitious systems such as Ultratop. Mapecoat I 600 W is also used to encourage bonding on absorbent and porous cementitious substrates before applying Mapefloor I 500 W.

Mapecoat I 600 W can be applied on concrete substrates without a vapour barrier. After preparation and dilution with water, Mapecoat I 600 W may be applied either by spraying, with a roller or with an airless spray, at a variable thickness from 60 to 100 microns.

  • Adhesion promoter for absorbent, porous cementitious substrates.
  • As a primer for Mapefloor I 500 W (Mapefloor System 53).

Mapecoat I 600 W is a two-component, water dispersed epoxy-resin based finish in water dispersion primer, made according to a formula developed in MAPEI's own Research & Development laboratories. Mapecoat I 600 W must be cleaned with cold water immediately after use. Once it has set, the product may only be removed mechanically.

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