Mapecoat I 24/A Neutral 4 kg*

Mapecoat I24 Epoxy Paint Kit 5kg (Select Colour)

Mapei Mapefloor Finish 50N 10kg Kit

Mapei Mapefloor Finish 50N 10kg Kit

Mapecoat I 620 W Kit 15kg

Two-component water-based epoxy coating with a shiny finish, for concrete floors and cementitious substrates, to provide an anti-dust, oil resistant finishing treatment, and as a coating for epoxy systems.

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Mapei Mapecoat I 620 W is a solvent-free, two-pack, low-yellowing water-based epoxy paint coating for concrete floors. Mapei Mapecoat I 620 W is a solvent-free, two-component, low-yellowing water-based epoxy finishing treatment specially formulated to form a shiny, protective anti-dust and anti-oil finish applied directly to concrete or cementitious systems, such as Mapei Ultratop.

Best Uses

Use Mapecoat I 620 W as an anti-dust finish for concrete floors or as a finishing treatment for cementitious systems. For an anti-slip finish add Mapefloor Filler or for a coloured finish add Mapeicolor Paste. Mapei Mapecoat I 620 W is an ideal finishing treatment for resin floors, such as Mapefloor System 53 or Mapei Ultratop, forming a durable, abrasion resistant, water-repellent, anti-dust and anti-oil protective coating, produced according to a formula developed in Mapei's own R&D Laboratories. Mapefloor I 620 W can be tinted by adding Mapeicolor Paste or it can be used in its natural form as a protective opalescent finish over a coloured coating such as Mapei Ultratop. If an anti-slip finish is required on the floor add Mapefloor Filler to Mapecoat I620 W.


Apply Mapecoat I 620 W using a paint roller or airless sprayer to a sanded surface which has been cleaned and degreased and all dust removed. Do not apply Mapecoat I 620 W on dusty, crumbling or irregular surfaces on greasy surfaces or surfaces subject to water under counter-pressure.

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