Mapeflex PU45 FT 12x300ml (Select Colour)

Mapeflex PU45 FT 12x300ml (Select Colour)

MAPEFLEX MS45 White 300ml Cartridge

MAPEFLEX MS45 White 300ml Cartridge

MAPEFLEX MS45 White 12x300ml Cartridge

One-component flexible, thixotropic, quickhardening sililated polymer-based hybrid sealant and adhesive with a high modulus of elasticity.

Also suitable for damp substrates

Colour: White

Consumption: 3.0 linear metres per 300 ml cartridge (10x10 mm section).

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Where To Use

Mapeflex MS45 has been specifically developed for sealing expansion, fillet and distribution joints on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is also recommended to form internal and external flexible bonds between similar and dissimilar materials commonly used in the building industry and to replace or integrate mechanical fasteners.

 Used as sealant:

• Sealing expansion, fillet and distribution joints subject to movements of up to 20% of the average width of the joint. It is most frequently used for the following applications:

• traditional façades

• ventilated façades;

• civil and industrial floors, including those subject to heavy vehicular traffic;

• window and door fittings;

• cracks and splits;

• paintable joints;

• tin roofs and metalwork.

Used as flexible adhesive: When applied at a thickness of 3 mm, it forms a flexible bond between most building materials, including many types of plastic. Its high bond strength without primer and its rapid polymerisation make Mapeflex MS45 easy to use when installing building elements or bonding construction features, both internally and externally. Bonds on the following: • cement and cement-based materials; • bricks; • steel; • copper; • aluminium; • painted surfaces in general; • glass and mirrors; • gypsum; • wood and wood-based materials; • ceramic and klinker; • insulating materials in general; • many types of plastic.

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