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Mapegrip D1 Ready Mixed non slip ceramic tile adhesive for domestic Kitchens and Bathrooms

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Mapegrip D1 is an adhesive in water dispersion based on synthetic resins, selectively graded minerals and various additives. Mapegrip D1 is a ready-to-use creamy paste that is easily trowelled with good high initial grab and thixotropic properties for installing wall tiles without slippage. When set, Mapegrip D1 has high bond strength and is sufficiently deformable for moderate vibration and deformation of building materials.

Where to Use

Bonding of all types of ceramic and mosaic tiles on interior walls.

Some application examples

Installation of ceramic and mosaic tiles over

• Gypsum plaster and gypsum block walls

• Gypsum backerboard

• Cement-based renders and cured reinforced concrete walls

• Tile backer boards

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Product Code Mapegrip-D1
Manufacturer Mapei
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