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Mapeguard IC WP Internal Corner

Mapeguard IC

Waterproof  internal corner to seal internal junctions of walls and floors

For walls and floors.

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Mapeguard System Alkali-resistant, waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane under ceramics, natural stone tiles and LVT WHERE TO USE Waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane, made of soft polyethylene, for direct application under ceramics, natural stone tiles and LVT (Luxury Vynil Tiles). Some application examples • Mapeguard WP 200 is a waterproofing and antifracture membrane used in wet and damp areas in residential and commercial buildings such as domestic and hotel bathrooms, private or commercial showers. • Waterproofing membrane on moisture-sensitive substrates (such as gypsum plasters and gypsum fiber boards, calcium sulphate screeds) and mineral surfaces (such as cement plaster, porous concrete, concrete, cement screed, cement-based panels). TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Mapeguard WP 200 is a flexible, thin-layer, waterproof isolating sheet of polyethylene, coated on both sides with a non-woven polypropylene fabric. The non-woven fabric ensures a relevant bond strength of the adhesive between the membrane and the substrate and between the membrane and the covering. Properties • Waterproofing. • High tensile strength. • High tensile bond strength adhesive connection with tile adhesives. • Crack-bridging ability. • Alkali-resistant.

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