Adesilex P4 Grey 20 kg

Mapei Adesilex P4 Grey Full Contact Tile Adhesive (Select Size)

Mapei Granirapid High Performance S1 Rapid Set Adhesive (See Options)

Mapei Granirapid High Performance S1 Rapid Set Adhesive (See Options)

Mapei Adesilex P9 Express High performance rapid-setting adhesive (See Options)

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High performance rapid-setting cementitious adhesive
20kg Bags

  • Extended open time and workability
  • For bonding ceramic tiles
  • Internal and external use
  • Pot life: 45min
  • Grey or white available
  • Grouting: After 4 hours
  • Foot traffic: After 4 hours
  • Coverage: 4-5m2 per bag



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Adesilex P9 Express
A white or grey-coloured powdered adhesive made from a mixture of special cement, graded aggregates, synthetic resin and set accelerators that allow the adhesive to form a strong bond within just 3-4 hours of application.
As a result, floor and wall coverings are ready to be used extremely quickly.
Floors set to foot traffic after just 4 hours and may be put into service after 24 hours. Once hardened
Adesilex P9 Express is resistant to freezing weather and water.
When mixed with water, it forms mortar with the following characteristics:
Good workability in the bucket (45 minutes)
Perfect bonding to all materials normally used in the building industry
Hardening with no significant shrinkage
Extended open time
The white version has very high white point

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