Mapei Mapeproof Swell Hydro Expansive Sealant (Select Quantity)

Mapei Mapeproof Swell Hydro Expansive Sealant (Select Quantity)

Mapei Epojet LV Epoxy crack repair Kit 2.5kg


Two-component epoxy resin with a very low viscosity for injecting into micro-cracks, also on wet surfaces.


sealing cracks: 1.1 kg/l of cavities to be filled; bonding concrete to steel: 1.1 kg/m² per mm of thickness.


2.5 kg kits:

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• Monolithic sealing of cracks.

• Bonding steel plates to concrete by low pressure injection.

Some application examples

• Structural repair of beams, pillars and cracked floors by low pressure injection.

• Reinforcement of beams and floors by injection with the béton plaqué method, when the plates to be bonded are fitted with lateral flaps and it is therefore impossible to apply Adesilex PG1 or Adesilex PG2.

• Repair of architectural concrete, wall coverings and architectural elements that are crumbly.

• Structural consolidation and restoration of civil and industrial road constructions and underground works that show signs of microcracking.

• Sealing of cracks in cementitious screeds.

• Restoration, by injection, of concrete structures damaged by earthquakes, settlements or impacts.


Epojet LV is a two-component epoxy adhesive. The pre-measured components (component A = resin and component B = hardener) must be mixed together before being used. Once mixed, Epojet LV becomes a very fluid liquid that can easily penetrate even in microcracks. Epojet LV polymerizes without any significant amount of shrinkage, also on wet surfaces and once hardened is waterproof and resists chemical agents present in the atmosphere. Epojet LV has very good insulating properties and high mechanical strength.

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