Mapei Ultralite D2 Shower Proof Ready Mix Wall Tile Adhesive (See Options)

Mapei Ultralite D2 Shower Proof Ready Mix Wall Tile Adhesive (See Options)

Fix & Grout Concrete and Timber Floors 15kg

Mapei Fix and Grout For Concrete and Timber Floors 15kg

Mapei Fix and Grout Brick 12kg Grey


Ready to use, high-performance adhesive paste with BioBlock® mould-resistant technology for bonding brick slips and light weight cementitious and synthetic resin conglomerate decorative elements on internal and external surfaces.

Open time: 20 minutes.
Adjustment time: 30-35 minutes.
Grouting: clean off adhesive which runs out of the joint with a damp brush within 20 minutes (depending on surrounding conditions).
Colour: Grey
Application: notched trowel or brush.
Storage: 24 months.
Consumption: 1.4-4.2 kg/m².
Packaging: 12 kg drums.

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Ready-to-use, high-performance mould-resistant adhesive paste with no vertical slip and BioBlock® technology, used for bonding brick slips and lightweight cementitious composite or synthetic resin slips in internal and external environments.

WHERE TO USE Fix & Grout Brick is used for bonding all types of brick slips and ornamental lightweight cementitious composite or resin slips on internal and external walls. Excess adhesive, which seeps out from joints, can be smoothed over with a brush, to act as a grout for these joints.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Fix & Grout Brick is a ready-to-use adhesive in water dispersion made using synthetic resins, selected minerals and admixtures. Fix & Grout Brick is in paste form and is easy to apply. The open time of the product is 20 minutes (at +23°C and 50% R.H.), which makes the laying process more secure. The adhesive is thixotropic, and brick slips bond immediately to surfaces without slipping. The viscosity of Fix & Grout Brick is such that any excess adhesive which seeps out from the joints may be smoothed over using a damp brush, thus avoiding having to fill gaps in the joints later. If this kind of application is used, it is important that the adhesive which seeps out from the joints is smoothed over before a skin forms on its surface. Fix & Grout Brick sets due to loss of its water content. Once it has completely set, it is considerably flexible, forms a very strong bond and is resistant to UV rays and ageing. Fix & Grout Brick hardens without shrinking in joints up to 8-10 mm, does not form efflorescence and resists temperatures up to +70°C.

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Colour 113 Cement Grey
Product Code 3AA011312
Manufacturer Mapei
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