Lamposilex 5 kg

Mapei Lamposilex Ultra Fast Setting Leak Repair 5kg

Mapei Lampocem Concrete Repair 25kg


Ready-to-use shrinkage-free hydraulic binder with rapid setting and hardening.


Fast fixing of every kind into vertical and horizontal substrates in concrete and masonry.

Some application examples

• Sinking and securing foundation bolts, pipeclips, sanitary-ware, hinges.

• Laying sub-frames in wood and metal. • Installing boxes and sheathes for electrical systems.

• Sinking and securing wooden plugs. • Sealing concrete conduits, drains, tanks, etc.

• Stopping small water leaks in underground structures, cellars and lift wells.

CONSUMPTION 1.8 kg/dm³ of cavities to be filled.

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Ready-to-use shrinkage-free hydraulic binder with rapid setting and hardening.

Use Lampocem for all types of rapid fixing on both vertical and horizontal concrete and masonry surfaces, for fixing corbels, pipelines, sanitary ware, hangers, and for securing timber and metal grounds.

Lampocem has a very rapid setting time (about 3 minutes at 20°C).

Mixed with water Lampocem becomes a paste with a plastic-thixotropic consistency, easy to apply, even on vertical surfaces, without running and no shuttering needed.

Lampocem is a pre-blended powdered binder composed of highly resistant cements and special additives.

Preparing the mix: while stirring pour 1 kg Lampocem into a container holding 200-210 grams of water, and hand mix using a trowel until a smooth, lump-free paste is obtained.

The mixing-ratio by volume is 3 parts Lampocem to 1 part water.

Quickly apply the Lampocem with a flat trowel. Consumption 1.8 kg of Lampocem per litre of cavity to be filled.

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