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Mapei Mapefibre NS12 Micro Fibres For Concrete (See Options)

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Virgin, mono-filament polypropylene fibres for mortar and concrete.

  • Improve the resistance of concrete to cracks
  • Fibre length 12mm
  • Mono filament for easy dispersion when mixing
  • Packaging: 600 gram degradable paper bags
  • Consumption:
    Normal dosage 600 g per m³ added to the concrete.
    Higher dosage for special applications such as shotcrete or fire resistance.
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Mapefibre NS12, virgin mono-filament polypropylene fibres which are resistant to alkalis and which do not absorb water.
They have been specially developed to reduce the formation of cracks induced by hygrometric shrinkage of the concrete at the fresh and hardened stages
The special mono-filament formation makes their distribution and position within the concrete mix easier, so that they are distributed uniformly, to create a particularly strong matrix which is resistant to the stresses induced by the setting and hardening process
Where to use: Mapefibre NS12 are particularly suitable for the following:
Production of concrete used for industrial floors, airport forecourts and multi-storey car-parks
Production of pre-cast reinforced concrete panels and pipes and concrete sections
Production of fire-resistant concrete.
How to use:
Add Mapefibre NS12 in the cement mixer together with all the other ingredients (cement, aggregates,water and admixtures)
Mix until a homogenous blend is obtained.

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