Mapei Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept 16.8kg (See Options)

Mapei Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept 16.8kg (See Options)

Mapei Mapefloor Finish 59W Transparent Matt Coat 5.5kg


Two-component, aliphatic, water based matt polyurethane finish

  • Very high wear resistance
  • Transparent matt finish
  • Odourless
  • Easy to apply
  • Water dispersed
  • Resistant to UV
  • Non-yellowing
  • For Mapefloor resin systems
  • For concrete and Ultratop floors
  • Consumption:
    0.1-0.2kg/m2 per coat depending on absorbency
  • Packaging:
    Part A 5kg
    Part B 0.5kg
  • Dust dry: 50 mins
  • Time between coats at +23°C:
    Min 4hrs - max 72hrs
  • Application: Roller
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Mapefloor Finish 59 W is a two-component, aliphatic, water based transparent, non-yellowing polyurethane coating product with a matt finish..
When hardened, Mapefloor Finish 59 W improves the characteristics of resistance to abrasion and to scratches of the treated surface.
As the product is dispersed in water, it is odourless which makes it suitable for use in closed environments and makes the work of floor layers easier during application.
Mapefloor Finish 59 W has the following main characteristics:
▪ high resistance to abrasion and to scratches
▪ matt finish
▪ non-yellowing
▪ easy to apply
▪ water dispersion
▪ a non-slip finish may be obtained by adding Mapefloor Filler.
Coloured finishes available special order POA

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