Mapei Mapefloor Finish 59W Transparent Matt Coat 5.5kg

Mapei Mapefloor Finish 59W Transparent Matt Coat 5.5kg

Primer G 12X1 kg

Mapei Primer G Water Based Synthetic Resin Primer (Select Size)

Mapei Mapefloor I 302 SL Coloured Epoxy Flooring 20kg (See Options)

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Self-levelling epoxy coating for industrial floors

  • Two part coloured resin floor
  • Smooth or non slip finish
  • Create self levelling or multi layer floors
  • High resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • Use in industrial and food industry environments
  • Ideal for creating cleanrooms
  • Consumption Approx: (see data sheet)
    Self levelling 2-2.2kg per m2
    Multi layer 0.6-0.9kg per m2
  • Packaging:
    Part A 16kg
    Part B 4kg
  • Foot traffic at +23°C:
  • Application temperature: from +8°C to +35°C
    Special Order 7-10 days
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Mapefloor I 302 SL CONCEPT is a two-component, high solids content, coloured epoxy formulate used to create selflevelling or multi-layer resin coatings on floors to form an attractive smooth or non-slip finish.
Some examples:
Coating floors in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in cleanrooms used in various industrial sectors, such as the optics sector, electronics, etc, in the food industry, in laboratories, in aseptic rooms, in mechanised warehouses, in shopping centres, residential and tertiary buildings, infrastructure, and services.
Application options:
Mapefloor I 302 SL can be used for non-slip multi-layer (0.8 to 3.5 mm thick) or self-levelling (2 to 4 mm thick)resin systems.
See data sheet for applicaion methods.

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