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Mapei Mapelay Waterproofing and Isolating Sheet (25Mtrs x 2Mtrs)

Mapelay is a waterproof and anti-fracture PVC glass fibre reinforced sheet for interior installation.

To be used under resilient and textile flooring.


2 metres x 25 meters 1.5mm Thick


Colour: Anthracite 

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Waterproof and anti-fracture PVC glass fibre reinforced canvas: For interior installation of resilient and textile flooring over substrates that are cracked, dirty, moist and subject to rising damp.

Length 25m Width 2m Thickness 1.5mm Weight approx 1.5kg/m2

WHERE TO USE Laying, floating resilient floorings (if dimensionally stable) and carpet floorings on cracked or dirty or damp substrates or substrates subject to rising damp. Temporary protection of floors that must not be damaged so they may be used again a later date

Some application examples

• Laying resilient or carpet floorings on screeds which are not completely dry or which are subject to rising damp

• Laying resilient floorings on old industrial floors where the screed is impregnated with oil or waste process material, which proves difficult to remove.

• Laying resilient or carpet floorings on cracked screeds, where it is not possible to repair the cracks because they may be subject to movement.

• To temporarily protect all types of new floors while normal site operations are being carried out.

• Laying a temporary playing surface in areas where the old flooring needs to be used again immediately after an event (e.g. sports arenas).

• Laying resilient or carpet floorings for a set time to avoid damaging the underlying floor in marble, wood, rubber, etc


Mapelay is a very stable support material in PVC reinforced with fibreglass. It is 1.5 mm thick and is available in rolls 25 m long and 2 m wide, weighing approximately 1.5 kg/m². The position and shape of the special dimples on the underside allow the air to move around constantly. Mapelay is extremely flexible and will adapt perfectly to the underlying substrate, it is easy to cut, does not absorb damp, is perfectly stable and is practically impervious to changes in temperature. Mapelay also improves the thermal insulation and soundproofing characteristics of the substrate on which is laid. Mapelay is dimensionally stable; floor coverings bonded to it remain stable over long periods of time (as long as the floor covering itself is not subject to excessive movement) and will support any kind of traffic, except vehicles and other heavy traffic. Mapelay may be removed together with the floor covering (if it is flexible enough) and rolled up to leave the substrate in its original condition without having to carry out any special cleaning operations.

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