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Tilemaster Fast One Coat Epoxy DPM Damp Proof Membrane (Select Size)

Mapei Mapeproof One Coat Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane Kit 7kg


Two-component, single coat application, damp proof membrane for controlling residual and constructional moisture in cementitious substrates.

Some application examples

• Apply over mechanically prepared power floated concrete sub floors that incorporate an effective structural dpm, to control residual or constructional moisture.

• Apply over sand/cement screeds that are laid over an effective moisture barrier to control residual or constructional moisture

CONSUMPTION 430-440 g/m². 16 m² per 7 kg unit

Colour  Black

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For use on cementitious sub floors with residual, static or construction moisture levels of above 75% (BS8203) and below 97% relative humidity on sub floors with an effective structural damp proof membrane prior to the installation of resilient floor coverings for resilient, textile and wood flooring finishes.

Mapeproof One Coat can be used with underfloor heating systems providing the system has been fully commissioned as per BS8203 2009, Section 3, 3.11 Protection against heat, and BS 8204 Part 1 2003, Section 6.4.6. heated levelling screeds.

Mapeproof One Coat is not recommended for heated sub floors where wood floor coverings are to be installed


Mapeproof One Coat is a two-component epoxy product that cures by mixing the two-components before applying to the prepared and surface dry sub floor.

Mapeproof One Coat should be applied ensuring that it is well worked in to the substrate so that complete coverage is achieved. When applying to porous surfaces it is essential that the finished product must be free of any pin holing.

If applying Mapeproof One Coat to a power floated concrete slab, it must be mechanically prepared by shot blasting or diamond grinding to remove the surface and expose the pores to ensure the product is allowed to penetrate the surface of the sub floor.

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Colour Black
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