Adesilex P4 Grey 20 kg

Mapei Adesilex P4 Grey Full Contact Tile Adhesive (Select Size)

Kerakoll H40 Standard Set Flexible Adhesive 20kg (See Options)

Kerakoll H40 Standard Set Flexible Adhesive 20kg (See Options)

Mapei Mapetherm AR1 GG Thermal Panel Adhesive (See Options)

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One component cementitious mortar
For bonding and levelling thermal insulating panels.

  • Grey or White
  • Mix with water
  • Application range: +5°C to +35°C
  • Consumption:
    4.0-6.0 kg/m² depending on bonding technique
    1.35-1.55 kg/m² per mm used as a smoothing compound
  • Density of the mix (kg/m³): 1,400
  • Pot life: 3 hours
  • pH of mix:13
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Where to use:
Bonding all types of thermal-insulating panels (foam/extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, mineral fibres, cork, etc.) directly on render, masonry and concrete on walls and ceilings.
A reinforcing coat for thermal-insulating panels with embedded fibreglass reinforcing mesh on internal and external walls (thermal insulation system)
Bonding panels on to:
Cementitious render or lime-mortar render
Concrete blocks
Approved render boards
Also suitable for bonding insulation panels and reinforcing coat systems for:
Insulating inside faces of walls in rooms above ground
Insulating inside faces of retaining walls in basements
Insulating inside faces of loft ceilings
Insulating external faces of ventilated façades
For use as a dash receiver and brick slip adhesive plus synthetic brick slip or tile adhesive
For use with MAPEI approved backing boards as a render only system on to steel and timber framed buildings.

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Product Code MapethermAR1GG-Select
Manufacturer Mapei