Poromap Rinzaffo 25kg

Mapei Poromap Rinzaffo Breathable Scratch Coat Mortar 25kg

Mapei Mapetherm Net Fibre Glass Mesh For Renders (See Options)

Mapei Mapetherm Net Fibre Glass Mesh For Renders (See Options)

Mapei Mapewall GPR General Purpose Render (See Options)

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Mapewall GPR
General purpose render for internal and external use

  • Up to 15mm per layer
  • Maximum thickness 40mm
  • High yield
  • Water repellent
  • High impact
  • Hand application
  • Pumpable
  • Use for:
    Smoothing walls
    Dubbing out mortar
    Render only with sponge finish
    Render only with silicone and mineral finishes
  • Consumption:
    25kg covers an average of 1.5 m² at 10 mm thick
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Where to use:
MapeWall GPR is suitable for rendering and levelling internal and external masonry substrates, in thicknesses up to 15 mm per layer, up to a overall maximum thickness of 40 mm.
Technical Characteristics:
MapeWall GPR is a grey powder composed of cement, selected aggregates and special synthetic resins
When mixed with water provides a render that is easy to apply on suitably prepared masonry substrates.
MapeWall GPR can be applied by hand or with a rendering spray machine.
MapeWall GPR must never be used on gypsum or gypsum based surfaces.
Application Procedure:
The substrate must be compact, free of dust, oil, grease and paints.
MapeWall GPR can be applied to damp substrates; however the drying time will be extended.
Highly absorbent or poorly keyed surfaces must be dampened down or primed with Malech

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