Mapetex SEL 25 MQ

Mapetex SEL 25 MQ

Plastimul 1K Super Plus 7.8 kg *

Mapei Plastimul 1K Super Plus Flexible Bituminous Waterproofer (Select Size)

Mapei Plastimul Bituminous Waterproofer (Select Size)

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A waterproofing emulsion for cold waterproofing masonry and concrete vertical and sloping surfaces.


• Waterproofing foundations.

• Waterproofing bearing walls. Some application examples

• Cold waterproofing masonry, or concrete poured over bare ground.

• Waterproofing flat or curved surfaces on structures below ground 

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Bituminous emulsion waterproofer and adhesive.
Use Plastimul for waterproofing horizontal and vertical surfaces on foundations, retaining walls, concrete under-linings to roofs etc.
Due to its adhesive characteristics, Plastimul can be used to bond insulating materials such as cork, rockwool, etc.
When mixed with cement and aggregate, Plastimul can be used for minor repairs to asphalt paving subject to light traffic.
Plastimul is a water emulsion of selected bitumens with a pasty consistency, that is totally solvent-free. To use as a waterproofer apply the Plastimul in several layers until the desired thickness is obtained.
After drying, Plastimul forms a flexible, waterproof layer.
– for waterproofing: 1-4 kg/m2 depending on the type of application;
– as an adhesive for insulating panels: 2-3 kg/m2.
20 and 12 kg drums.

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Colour Black
Product Code Plastimul
Manufacturer Mapei
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