Mapei Mapefloor Maintenance Kit for Cleaning 20kg

Mapei Mapefloor Maintenance Kit for Cleaning 20kg

Primer SN Part A (16kg)

Mapei Primer SN Epoxy Primer with Fillers (See Options)

Mapei Reinforcing Mesh 320 for Epoxy Systems 50m roll


Glass fibre mesh for reinforcing ultratop and epoxy systems.

  • Weight: 350 (g/m²):/li>
  • Mesh size: 15.7 x 10.1mm
  • Roll length: 50 metres
  • Roll width: 1 metre
  • Thickness : 2mm
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Where to use:
Mesh 320 is used to strengthen the first coat of Primer SN so that any stresses generated in the substrate are evenly distributed and cracks are prevented from appearing before applying Mapefloor System and Ultratop System seamless flooring.

Some application examples
New floors in workshops, factories, store rooms, plant rooms, garages and warehouses.
Abrasion-resistant floors on concrete and screed.
Industrial floors that must be protected with epoxy coatings and paints in chemical and food processing plants, textile mills and tanneries.
The 320 mesh must be completely embedded in the first coat of Primer SN as follows:
1 Prepare the Primer SN as described in the Technical Data Sheet and apply a first coat with a smooth trowel.
2 While the primer is still fresh, lay  320 mesh on the surface and press it gently with the trowel so that it is embedded in the layer of the primer.
3 Apply a second coat of Primer SN so that the mesh is completely embedded between the two coats of the primer.
4 Fully broadcast the surface of the Primer SN while it is still fresh with quartz sand with a suitable particle size (Quartz 0.5, Quartz 0.9 or Quartz 1.2), depending on the type of flooring to be installed.

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