Mapei Ultrabond Eco S9551K Solid Wood Adhesive 48 x 15Kg Tubs

Mapei Ultrabond Eco S9551K Solid Wood Adhesive 48 x 15Kg Tubs

Ultrabond P990 1K Light (15Kg Tub)

Mapei Ultrabond P990 1K Wood Adhesive Pallet 48 x15Kg Tubs

Mapei Ultrabond Eco 380 Vinyl and PVC Adhesive Pallet 48 x15 kg


A solvent-free, non flammable vinyl/PVC adhesive dispersed in water, with strong initial bond and long open time.

ULTRABOND ECO 380 does not contain toxic substances and has low emission level of VOC.

Use for bonding PVC / vinyl, homogenous and heterogenous sheet or tile, semi-flexible vinyl tiles on to all kinds of internal, absorbent and moisture stable substrates.

Particularly suitable for use in environments subject to intense traffic and wheelchair use.

Suitable for use over heated floors.

CONSUMPTION: approx. 55m2 per 15 kg

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Ultrabond Eco 380 is a solvent-free, ready to use, beige coloured, synthetic polymer-based adhesive paste in water dispersion.

It is characterised by its strong, rapid initial bond and extended open time and sets to form a tough, elastic film.

• very easy to apply;
• strong, tough initial tack;
• extended open time;
• excellent permanent tack;
• tough, elastic film with “leg-effect”;
• excellent adhesion to all types of substrate;
• suitable for all areas used by wheeled vehicles in compliance with regulation DIN EN 12529;
• solvent-free;
• non-inflammable;
• harmless for floor installers and end users.

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