Silancolor Base Coat Primer 20kg (Select Colour)

Silancolor Base Coat Primer 20kg (Select Colour)

Mapei Ultracoat High Traffic 0 Gloss A & B (2 sets of 5.5ltrs)


Highly protective, wear and abrasion-resistant finish for solid and pre-sanded wooden floors and wooden floors requiring repair. Suitable for use in civil and commercial environments, including those subject to extremely high pedestrian traffic (public offices, shopping centres, airports, exhibition halls, etc.).

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Ultracoat High Traffic is a two-component, waterbased varnish formulated with 100% aliphatic (nonyellowing) polyurethane resins, characterised by an excellent level of resistance to abrasion and scuff marks from rubber-soled shoes never previously achieved with other water-based products. It also gives parquet floors an attractive “natural wood” finish (0 gloss). Floors treated with this varnish have a natural, even finish, and their cleanability is very similar to that of impregnation cycles with oil and wax. If applied directly without a base product, it considerably enhances the colour of the parquet and does not yellow over the years. Ultracoat High Traffic is available in 0 gloss - 10 gloss - 30 gloss - 60 gloss.


• Do not use Ultracoat High Traffic at temperatures lower than +10°C.

• Do not use on external surfaces.

• Use only clean containers and tools.

• On types of wood with a high content of extracts, we recommend checking that the product is compatible or applying Ultracoat Universal Base or Ultracoat Premium Base as a first coat.

• Completely remove all traces of previous treatments in order to obtain an even finish.

• Protect treated surfaces from direct sunlight and draughts for the first 3 hours after application.

• Leftovers of the product must not be put back into its container.

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