Ultrabond Eco VS90 Plus Pallet (48x15kg Tub)

Mapei Ultrabond Eco VS90 Plus High Temperature Adhesive Pallet (48x15kg Tub)

Ultralite S2 Quick White Pallet Deal (50 x 15kg Bags)

Mapei Ultralite S2 Quick White Pallet Deal (50 x 15kg Bags)

Mapei Ultralite Rapid Flex S1 Grey Pallet Deal (50 x 15kg Bag)


One-component, high perfomance, fast setting, highly flexible S1 lightweight, slip resistant, adhesive with very high yield.

Size 50x15kg Bags

Colour Grey

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Mapei introduce Ultralite Rapid Flex S1; a lightweight, flexible (S1), low dust and high yield adhesive that is ideal for the installation of ‘thin’ porcelain tiles. Ultralite Rapid Flex S1 is suitable to fix ceramic, vitrified and porcelain tiles and mosaics in addition to natural stone tiles. The versatile adhesive offers significant installation advantages being easy to mix and apply, allowing a bed depth up to 15 mm as well as high grab and non -slip properties. It offers a powerful adhesive bond and excellent ‘wetting out’ capabilities. Ultralite Rapid Flex S1 is also rapid setting, being ready for grout after only 3 hours. Ultralite Rapid Flex S1 offers significant environmental credentials; containing 30% of recycled materials as well as possessing Low Dust technology – ideal where dust levels must be kept to a minimum. It is also lightweight, reducing transport costs and the strain of manual lifting and is classified BS EN 12004 by Ceram as C2FT S1. The adhesive offers great value, its high yield allows up to 60% greater coverage than conventional Mapei powder adhesives. The adhesive can be utilised for dry or wet duty installations including showers and swimming pools and is suitable in interior and exterior areas including balconies and terraces. It is ideal in both domestic and commercial settings and can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating. Ultralite Rapid Flex S1 can be used on a variety of substrates including concrete, sand:cement and calcium sulphate based screeds, plywood, existing tile or stone finishes, sand:cement render, gypsum plaster, plasterboard and tilebacker boards. It is also suitable for application over Mapei’s self-levelling compounds or waterproof membranes, for example Mapegum WPS, Mapelastic AquaDefense, Mapelastic Smart and Mapelastic.
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Colour Grey
Product Code 2428315-pallet
Manufacturer Mapei