Adesilex P10 Brilliant White (25Kg)

Mapei Adesilex P10 White Mosaic Adhesive (Pallet 40 x25Kg)

Mapei Ultralite D2 Shower Proof Ready Mix Wall Tile Adhesive (See Options)

Mapei Ultralite D2 Shower Proof Ready Mix Wall Tile Adhesive (See Options)

Mapei Ultraplan Eco 3210 Levelling Compound Pallet (48x20Kg Bag)


Ultra-fast hardening truly self-levelling and smoothing compound

  • Interor use only
  • Thickness: 3 to 10mm per coat
  • Ideal on under floor heating
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mix with water
  • Setting time: 45-60 minutes
  • Light foot taffic: 3 hours
  • Apply flooring: 12 hours (wood 24 hrs)
  • Coverage: Approx 6m² at 3mm
  • Packaging: 20kg Bags
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Ultraplan Eco 3210 is used for interior levelling and removing differences in thickness from 3 to 10 mm of new or existing substrates, preparing them to receive any kind of flooring where excellent resistance to loads and traffic is needed.
Particularly suitable for areas subject to wheeled traffic.
Interior use only.
Suitable for screeds incorporating under floor heating systems and can be used as a self-leveller over electrical under floor heating systems.
Can be spread in thicknesses up to 10 mm per coat without shrinkage, cracking and crazing
Ddevelops very high compressive and flexural strength, as well as resistance to indentation and abrasion.
Ready to receive flooring after approximately 12 hours, regardless of the thickness
Recommended to wait 24 hours before installing wooden flooring

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Colour N/A
Power Options 30W (27W max)
Product Code 149520pallet
Manufacturer Mapei