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Mapenet 150 Fibreglass Mesh 50x1 Metre Roll

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Alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh for reinforcing waterproof, anti-fracture membranes and insulation coatings. Suitable for reinforcing the waterproofing membranes MAPELASTIC and MAPELASTIC SMART.

Colour: Blue

Weight (g/m²): 150 (± 5%)

Mesh size (mm): 4x5

Resistant to alkalis: yes (according to ETAG 004 directive) TENSILE STRENGTH (in

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WHERE TO USE Reinforced strengthening for: a) Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart, Mapelastic Turbo or Monolastic used for waterproofing terraces, balconies, swimming pools, baths, shower cubicles, etc. with ceramic tile or stone finishes; b) protective, flexible smoothing layers of Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart, Mapelastic Turbo or Monolastic applied on internal and external cementitious substrates with micro cracks; c) particularly stressed areas in waterproofing layers made using Mapegum WPS and Aquaflex; d) Aquaflex or Mapegum WPS when used to form anti-fracture membranes on internal screeds and walls with micro cracks; e) products of the Plastimul range when applied on substrates with micro cracks.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS The mesh is made from glass fibres treated with a special primer which makes it resistant to alkalis and improves its bond to all waterproofing products (where its use is recommended). Once the waterproofing layer has hardened, the glass fibre mesh reinforces the layer to protect against the formation of cracks due to movement in the substrate or the tiled surface. It also makes it easier to apply an even layer of product compound approximately 2 mm thick and improves the systems resistance to temperature variations and abrasion.

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Color 100 White
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