Premier Diamond  Site Tuff 12 Piece Dry Diamond Core Set

Premier Diamond Site Tuff 12 Piece Dry Diamond Core Set

Premier Diamond P5 EDDC Dry Diamond Core Drills (Select Size)

Premier Diamond P5 EDDC Dry Diamond Core Drills (Select Size)

Premier Diamond Evodrill 12 Piece Diamond Dry Core Set



A very special premium dry diamond core with laser welded segments which are jam packed with the most advanced metal bond technology and top spec diamonds. EVODRILLS are designed for dry drilling not only building materials but hard materials too, such as lightly reinforced concrete, clay products and Indian sandstone. The spiral barrel helps remove debris and increases air flow to the cutting edge while the superior segments drill faster and more efficiently than other dry cores. *DC12875 EVODRILL 5 Piece Set comprises: 42mm, 52mm, 65mm, 117mm & 127mm dry diamond cores + Chuck & SDS adaptors, chuck & SDS extensions, A-taper drill bit, Guide rod & Drift key.


Laser welded, spiral barrel, turret design segments and ½˝ BSP female thread.


Diamond core drills & SDS plus drills with slipping clutch.


Bricks - Class A Engineering, Bricks - Class B Engineering, Bricks - Standard Facing Bricks, Clay Products, Concrete - General Purpose, Concrete - Light Steel Reinforcement, Concrete Blocks - Lightweight 3 to 7 Newton, Concrete Blocks - Medium Density 7 to 12 Newton, Concrete Blocks - Solid Density 12+ Newton, Sandstone - Abrasive, Sandstone - Indian


Maximum performance can be achieved by using a purpose made dry diamond core drill fitted with a slipping clutch. These machines are a minimum of 850 watts and have a high RPM to ensure the diamond segments work to their full potential. SDS plus drills can be used to dry core drill, although the lower RPM will result in slower drilling, especially in harder and/or damp materials.
N.B. Dry diamond core drills should not be used on hammer action.

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The 5 Piece Evo Drill diamond core kit comprises of 5 hih quality dry diamond core sizes and 7 accessories.

Core sizes are: 42, 52, 65, 117 & 127mm all 150mm in length

Accessories are: Chuck and SDS adaptors, Chuck and SDS extensions, A-Taper drill bit, a Guide rod and a Drift key.

Suitable for drilling Hard materials, Universal concrete, Universal stone, Building materials and Abrasive materials

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Product Code DC12875
Manufacturer Premier Diamond