Schluter DILEX BWB Wide PVC Movement Joints (See Options)

Schluter DILEX BWB Wide PVC Movement Joints (See Options)

Schluter DILEX-EKSB Movement JointV4A

Schluter DILEX EKSB Movement Joint (Select Colour, Height and Material)

Schluter DILEX BWS Slim Movement Joint (See Options)

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Pre-fabricated movement joint for tiled coverings

  • 5mm soft CPE movement zone
  • Areas subject to moderate mechanical stresses
  • Ideal for residential, offices and salesrooms
  • Made of recycled rigid PVC
  • Resistant to fungi and bacteria
  • No special maintenance or care required
  • Clean with regular household floor detergents
  • Also suited for exterior facades or balconies
  • 10 colours available
  • Length 2.5m
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What this product does
Schlüter-DILEX-BWS is a pre-fabricated plastic movement joint profile for installation in tiled coverings.
The perforated anchoring legs, made of recycled rigid PVC, are secured in the tile adhesive beneath the tiles where they transmit occurring movements to the movement zone (the upper movement zone is also the visible surface).
The movement zone absorbs compressive, tensile, and shear stresses.
The soft CPE movement zone and visible surface is only 5 mm wide, matching common grout joint widths.
The smaller width absorbs relatively limited movements; this should be taken into account when evaluating the requirements for a specific application.
DILEX-BWS is particularly suited as a movement joint for tile coverings installed over Schlüter-DITRA.
If larger movements within the covering are anticipated, installation of Schlüter-DILEX-BWB with a 10 mm movement zone is recommended.
In addition to residential applications, DILEX-BWS can also be installed in areas with moderate traffic loads such as offices or salesrooms.
The profile is also suited for exterior use.
The CPE movement zones of the profile are UV resistant and free of plasticisers.

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