Schluter DITRA-HEAT Mat (12.5 x 1 = 12.5m2)

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Schluter Ditra Sound & Schluter Refleece Sealing Tape

Schluter Ditra Sound & Schluter Refleece Sealing Tape

Schluter Ditra Sound Reduction and Insulation Acoustic Matting


Schluter Ditra Sound is a heavy  polyethylene mat  with an anchoring fleece laminated on both sides.

  • Ideal for sound reduction in tiled floors and bridges existing cracks in damaged substrates.
  • Mat size: 55cm x 75cm (0.41m²)
  • Sheet thickness: 3.5mm
  • Effectively reduces impact sound by up to 13dB the equivalent of more than 50% of perceived impact sound.
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    Impact Sound: The transmission of noises caused by footsteps or dropped objects to adjoining or underlying rooms is referred to as impact sound transmission. The floor/ceiling structure absorbs the structure borne noise and transmits the resulting impact sound in the form of airborne noise.
    The human ear perceives impact sound that is muffled by 10 dB as airborne noise which is reduced by 50%.
    Impact sound (e.g. the noise generated by hard shoes) is also reflected back into the room. This effect is multiplied in the case of light constructions and hard surfaces, leading to the so called drum roll effect. It can be completely eliminated by the high density of the heavy mat.
    Impact sound insulation
    The heavy mat material absorbs much of the impact sound created by walking, for example, and reduces the drum roll effect.
    It can be used to bridge cracks, which are not expected to widen significantly or show height displacement.
    Ideal for high traffic commercial areas as the mat does not compress.

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