Schluter DILEX-KSA A Movement Joint

Schluter DILEX KSA Perimeter Movement L=2.5m (Select Colour, Height and Material)

Schluter ShowerPRofILE-RA EB 1.4m H=23mm

Schluter SHOWERPROFILE-WS Profile with Straight Lip Select Length

Schluter SHOWERPROFILE-WS Profile with Semi Circular Lip (Select Length)

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The Schluter®-SHOWERPROFILE-WS is a two-part profiles that form a splashguard at the entrance of barrier-free showers.

  • The profile is set in conjunction with the tile covering and can be combined with either a semi-circular lip or a collapsible upright lip
  • Both variants allow for wheelchair accessibility
  • Choose SHOWERPROFILE-WSK for retrofit applications
  • Available in anodized aluminum
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Schlüter®-SHOWERPROFILE-WS is a two piece profile of anodised aluminium that serves as a splashguard in floor level showers. The support profile is embedded in the tile adhesive during tile installation. It can be fitted with a semi-circular or upright straight lip to protect against splashing. Both variations are suitable for wheelchair use.

This is the suppot profile (WS) with black semi circular lip (WSC) 

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Select Part N/A
Colour AE Anodised Aluminium
Product Code SPWSandSPWSC
Power Options 30W (27W max)
Manufacturer Schluter