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R3 Plus for laying of PVC, LVT, rubber, carpet and linoleum floors and walls on absorbent or almost non‑absorbent substrates

Coverage ≈ 300 – 400 g/m2

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Certified, organic mineral adhesive, eco-friendly, to lay PVC, LVT and rubber floors and coverings up to a thickness of 3 mm and carpet on absorbent substrates, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Single-component, water-based, solvent-free and with very low volatile organic compound emissions, safeguards the health of both operators and the environment.

Slc® Eco R3 develops the best combination of open time, initial setting and durability for the safe, easy laying of PVC, rubber and carpet floors and walls on absorbent substrates.

Use Laying of vinyl and rubber floors and coverings, false ceiling panels, on absorbent substrates.


- heavy vinyl floors and coverings (cloth and tiles)

- cushion-floors

- carpeting with natural or synthetic jute backing, or rubber or polyurethane-foam backing

- PVC, polystyrene and expanded polystyrene panels for suspended ceiling

- civil rubber floors up to 3 mm thickness Substrates:

- levelling and self-levelling mineral products

- cement-based screeds - cement plasters - anhydrite screeds

- cast asphalt

- wood panels

- marble and derivative products Walls and floors. Interiors in residential and commercial buildings.

Do not use External applications: on non-absorbent substrates, on substrates subject to rising damp; in environments which are permanently damp or likely to get wet and in constant and continuous contact with water.

Product Strengths

• Flooring and walls, for internal use

• Ideal for laying heavy, high-thickness coverings

• Suitable for heated substrates

• Ideal for floors which have to bear concentrated loads and withstand the strain of furniture fitted with castors

• Ideal for sheets, tiles and LVT

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