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Mapei Nivoplan Grey Pallet (40x25kg Bags)

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Indoor and outdoor levelling mortar for walls and ceilings for thicknesses from 2 to 20 mm

25kg Bags

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Nivoplan is particularly suitable for rendering and levelling indoor and outdoor wall and ceiling surfaces in layers of thicknesses from 2 to 20 mm. Nivoplan makes the surfaces suitable for the installation of ceramic tiles or for paint finishing.

Some application examples

• Smoothing walls prior to installing ceramic tiles.

• Repairing old, damaged renders.

• Levelling reinforced concrete surfaces of swimming pools and façades prior to installing ceramic coverings, waterproofing by painting.

• Smoothing foamed cement, brick, eraclit, etc. walls

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Nivoplan is a grey or white powder composed of cement, selected aggregates and special synthetic resins which, when mixed with water, provide a mix that is easy to apply on vertical surfaces with a trowel or with a rendering spraying machine. Nivoplan’s bonding properties can be improved by adding Planicrete and water to the product during mixing, approximately 2 litres per bag (used as a partial replacement for the mix water). The addition of Planicrete is necessary for thin applications over concrete or in cases where the render will receive tile or natural stone coverings. Nivoplan is classified as GP (“General purpose mortar for internal/external render”), category CS IV according to EN 998-1.

RECOMMENDATIONS • Nivoplan must never be used on gypsum or gypsum-based surfaces, unless those surfaces have been prepared with a coat or two of Primer G (see relative Technical Data Sheet). • Nivoplan is not suitable for smoothing over floors due to its limited compressive strength. In this case, please refer to the Technical Data Sheets regarding products for preparing substrates, or contact the MAPEI Technical Assistance Department.

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Colour White
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