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Mapei Primer LT Adhesion Promoter For Ultratop Loft (5kg Drum)

Acrylic adhesion promoter for Ultratop Loft and cementitious skimming mortars

Multi-purpose adhesion promoter and primer for internal use, specifically for improving adhesion between layers of Ultratop Loft and of MAPEI cementitious skimming mortars on all types of absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

When applied between consecutive coats of Ultratop Loft consumption is approximately 0.1 kg/m².
For other substrates, consumption is between 0.1 and 0.2 kg/m², depending on the porosity of the substrate and the conditions in which it was installed.

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Some application examples
• Adhesion promoter between consecutive skim coats of Ultratop Loft on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
• Preparing compact, smooth cementitious screeds and concrete floors that need to be levelled off with a MAPEI skimming product (refer to substrate preparation products).
• Treating surfaces with traces of adhesive or an old, well-bonded skim coat before skimming the surface or applying adhesive.
• Treating the surface of gypsum, anhydrite, wood, marine plywood, chipboard, terrazzo, ceramic and stone before skimming the surface or applying adhesive.

Primer LT is a solvent-free, acrylic resin-based primer and adhesion promoter in water dispersion. It is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion and resistance to water and ageing.
Primer LT is a white, ready-mixed latex product which is easy to apply with a roller or brush.
Primer LT is non-flammable and its volatile organic

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